February 2019: Our undergraduate researcher Mark Borris Aldonza won the grand prize at the URP workshop for his research on investigating collateral drug resistance. Congratulations
February 2019: Namseok Lee (이남석) and Jimin Yoon (윤지민) joined our lab as new Master’s students. Welcome


January 2019: Ahsan, Minjeong, and Raisa’s paper on detection of dsRNA is accepted for publication at BMC Biomedical Engineering.
January 2019: Jina Lim (임진아) joined our lab as a new Master’s student. Welcome

December 2018: A method paper on PKR fCLIP-seq is accepted for publication at The Journal of Visualized Experiments.


October 2018: Our recent paper on PKR and double-stranded RNAs is highlighted in Nature Chemical Biology.


September 2018: Ryeongeun Cho (조령은) joined our lab as a new Master’s student. Welcome!
September 2018: Prof. Kim became an Editorial Board member of the BMC Biomedical Engineering.


June 2018: Our lab is selected as First Innovation Lab (최초혁신실험실) by NRF.


May 2018: Jayoung Ku is selected as a recipient for the Kim Younghan Global Leader Fellowship (김영한 글로벌리더 장학생). Congratulations!
May 2018: Our book chapter on Argonaute-microRNA-target interaction is accepted for publication.


April 2018: Prof. Kim gives a lecture on bio-integrative research in KBS-KAIST 4th industrial science concert (사과콘)
April 2018: Jayoung’s proposal on studying signal transduction by mtRNAs is selected for the 2018 VRPGP Research Program (공과대학 석박사 모험연구).
April 2018: Yongsuk’s proposal on developing single molecule imaging of LINE-1 transcript during neuronal differentiation is selected for the 2018 integrative VRPGP Research Program (융합형 모험연구).
April 2018: Ahsan and Sujin won the best poster award at 2018 KAIST CBE Graduate Student Symposium. Congratulations~


February 2018: Yong-ki Lee (이용기) and Kyunghoon Hur (허경훈) join our lab as new Master’s students. Welcome!


January 2018: Our lab is now officially part of KAIST Institute for Health Science and Technology (KIHST)

September 2017: Minjeong Kang, Yongsuk Ku, and Ali Ahsan Ausaf joined the lab. Welcome~


August 2017: Our URP students (Seung Hee Yoon and Geonho Park) won the Best Poster Award at the 2017 summer URP workshop. Congratulations!
August 2017: Our first review paper is published in IET Systems Biology.
July 2017: Our lab is selected for collaboration project with Instit Pasteur Korea on analysis of signaling crosstalks for enhanced chemotherapy.
June 2017: Prof. Yoosik Kim is featured in etnews explaining our work on AI & RNA research.


April 2017: Sujin and Yongjin’s proposals are selected for the 2017 VRPGP Research Program (공과대학 석박사 모험연구)


March 2017: Sujin Kim and Jayoung Ku joined the lab as new Master’s students.
January 2017: Dr. Raisa Kharbash joined the lab as a research professor.

September 2016: Yongjin Jang and Min A Kim joined the lab. Welcome!
May 2016: Our article is chosen as the featured article of the issue in Molecular Cell and invited for the “Meet the Author”.
Jan 2016: Lab website is now open!